Wicked Broadway Tickets

January 31, 2015

Experience a magical Broadway classic from Gregory Maguires epic novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Its adaptation, Wicked, has always been a theatrical hit with its humorous story told from the perspectives of the witches from the Land of Oz. Follow the lives of Ephalba, the future Wicked Witch of the West and her beautiful friendship with Galinda, the Good Witch of the North through the music and lyrics of Stephen Schwartz.

Wicked has recently celebrated its seventh year on stage last October 30,2010 and currently, it is the one of the longest-running musical shows on Broadways. With the seemingly unending popularity of Wicked, it has broken the record for the highest weekly gross in the weekend of January 2, 2011. No wonder, prices of Broadway tickets for Wicked most oftentimes get really steep.

This might be the case when you buy Broadway tickets on regular prices. Fortunately, we can offer you a fraction of the cost of Broadway tickets, yet still full on Wicked experience. So why not bring your family and your kids to this well-loved musical without having to break bank on a holiday?

Your little ones will surely enjoy the funny scenes taken from Ephalba and Galindas extreme personalities and wonderful friendship. For the adults, the familiar back story of the film The Wizard of Oz will surely take you back to your childhood days walking along the yellow brick road. Unsurprisingly, the plot thickens with the complications of love interest rivalries, a corrupt government and still a bucketful of laughter. If youre a newbie to a Broadway event, this seven year old classic will prove to be a delightful magical ride to the world of Oz before and after Dorothys arrival from Kansas.

Watch Wicked amongst theater patrons, critics, or simply people like you who want to take a luxurious break from the mundane. Get good deals on Broadway tickets from us and you will surely have a kick from this Olivier-awarded musical.

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La Cage aux Folles Broadway musical comedic splash is a great new addition for all fans of theater. The production is planted on The Great White Way for the third time and enjoying huge success at the box office as well as with critics. Coming as a direct import from the Menier Chocolate Factory in London where it has enjoyed huge success the Broadway production brings a mostly new cast including lead actors Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge to the stage of the intimate Longacre Theatre.

The past two Broadway productions of “La Cage” where not met with great critical acclaim and a few respected critics took their shots at the previous productions. The original Broadway musical debuted back in 1983 where it won 6 Tony Awards including best musical, however, some critics saw the show as dated using harsh words such as old-fashioned. It seems hard to see a breakout musical which includes its fair share of dancing drag queens as old-fashioned for the 1980’s time period but none the less critics seemed to be less than impressed. The revival of La Cage aux Folles Broadway enjoyed less success than the original. The revival came to New York City once again closing in on six years ago where it won 2 Tony Awards and was only able to last for a six month run. Again, critics were not blown away by the musical and the reviews once again less then stellar.

So the question many must be asking is “Why is the latest production having such great success?”. The answer is rather simple, the latest musical installment of “La Cage” has been overhauled and revamped by the Menier Chocolate Factory, includes a well liked television star in Kelsey Grammer and has great songs by Jerry Herman, which include the popular and memorable “I Am What I Am” which was made even more popular with its cover by Gloria Gaynor. On top of this the latest revival to Broadway has won 3 Tony Awards for 2010 including Best Revival of a Musical and Best Actor in a Musical (Douglas Hodge). The successful runs at London’s Menier Chocolate Factory and in the West End led to 7 Olivier Awards in 2009 and taking home Best Musical Revival and Best Actor in a Musical.

La Cage aux Folles Broadway is a thriving, fresh and fun revival, which has been breaking records at the box office each week for the Longacre Theatre. The chemistry between the two actors is nothing less than brilliant and brings some great comedic moments throughout the show. The songs of Jerry Herman are fun and entertaining most memorably “We Are What We Are,” and “The Best of Times” which showcase Lynne Page’s wonderful choreography and has the dancers moving effortlessly across the stage. Set a date, grab some tickets and grab a seat at the Longacre for what is sure to be one of the most exciting shows you will see on Broadway this year. Reedstickets.net has a long history of providing excellent services to its patrons. You can visit our site for your premium La Cage aux Folles Broadway Tickets Guide and news, reviews articles and more on getting information about getting great La Cage aux Folles Broadway tickets information and show news online.

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The Wicked is a musical theater production that will leave you mesmerized at the end. The entire show projects the relationship amongst the good witches and the wicked ones in this theatrical masterpiece. If you have a taste for this type of story, then after watching this theater you will want to see it repeatedly to experience the thrilling play and the nail biting climax this theater has towards the end.

You might as well have a misconception that this play follows the book entirely from the beginning to the end. While this is a fact, this musical follows the book as a guideline but in certain areas diverges from the narrated script of the timeless and classic novel. At the climax scene, such divergence improves the quality of the play, and by public opinion, answers a few of the script’s ironies with interlaced social narratives. The main reason why there are big cues in the Chicago theater or in Broadway wherever and whenever this Wicked is played in the theater halls is the musical score which is very largely thematic, which has more resemblance to film music than a being a typical and orthodox musical drama.

The Wicked is a fictional and a fantasy musical and has till date won three 2004 Tony Awards. It was also awarded for the Best Costume Design as well as the Best Scenic Design. This musical also was also honored by being awarded the for Outstanding Musical Award as well as the best 2004 Drama Desk award. This thrilling musical theater production is so popular all over the world that it has resulted in long ticket cues for watching The Wicked drama at theater halls across the world.

The Wicked play narrates the story of Elphaba who is the smart, fierce and clever Wicked Witch of the Western world having emerald-green skin and about her relations with Glinda, the Good Witch from the North. Glinda is ambitious and very popular and is beautiful. Their relationship brings them to a situation where they have to come face to face with their opposite personalities and adverse viewpoints, there is bitter jealousy over their same lovers, how they react to the Wicked’s corruption ridden governance and Elphaba’s fall from grace in public. The story is mainly created before Dorothy arrives from Kansas; there are some references to the good scenes and the dialogues in the film as well.

The music and lyrics of The music and lyrics of the Wicked was originally created by Koln Palladium and is presented by Stephen Schwartz. The Wicked musical tickets will most certainly make you feel that it is worth the money you spent for it as it gives you a real heartfelt and a thrilling story of friendship, romance and love. The production house is truly professional, the theater backdrop designed very creatively to give you a natural ambience, and the actors play their parts well.

There’s no reason you should be embarrassed about Wizard of OZ backdrops.

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Lion King And Broadway

January 26, 2015

The good news has been announced! Lion King is now the seventh longest-running musical in Broadway during its 5 462nd performance on January 2, 2011.This is a good start on this year of the rabbit for Lion King Broadway production. They have proven their dedication to success. In fact, their awards are already hard to count with fingers.

They won six Tony Awards and this includes Best Director which leads Julie Taymor to become the first woman to receive a Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical, Best Choreography, Best Lighting Design of a Musical, Best Costume Design for a Musical, Best Scenic Design for a Musical and Best Musical of course. There are also eight Drama Desk Awards during 1998 and a Theatre World Award at the same year. There are two awards from Laurence Olivier Awards during 1999. The last on the list is the three Moliere awards by the year 2008.

If we check on what are their awards mostly, we can see that they are really awarded on Best in Design. It is not hidden to everybody that they are really good with designing costumes and the whole production is really beautiful. The costume design, the mastery of puppet movements, choreography and golden voices bring the animals come to senses. It really makes them characterized similar to the real one. Each animals beauty was showed in Lion King Broadway.

It seems they are best described with the line in a song, that the winner takes it all. Well, it is not their fault if they are good in design and possess the artistic mind. They are able to bring the audience to their childhood even just in a show. Every single move seems like a surprise that keeps your heart beats faster and become joyful as you see them performing well with their costumes and with high tech lightings.

No matter, how many times this Lion King Broadway retell the story of the Lion King movie the people will keep coming back because of the values they get from the story and of course because of the charming performances and production. Indeed, Lion King is a colorful and vibrant Broadway show that is not just for kids but for adults also.

That is why for Broadway guidance, never hesitate to check out http://www.broadway-guide.com/. We are dedicated to bring you to the Broadway show that can make you see rainbow.

Aldred Owen was satisfied and overjoyed when he bought some Lion King and Broadway for her friends.

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Scars On Broadway

January 24, 2015


Early Incarnation (2003)

In 2003, Daron Malakian (lead guitar and vocals), Greg Kelso (rhythm guitar), and John Dolmayan (drums) recorded a demo tape entitled “Ghetto Blaster Rehearsals” credited to the name Scars on Broadway. However, in 2007, an official letter on the band’s website states that these tracks are not in any way affiliated to Scars on Broadway as it exists today and that the music is from a disbanded project from four years ago.

Self-titled debut album (20052008)

In December 2005, Malakian stated in an interview that he “could release ten solo records tomorrow.” and that he has”tons of material laying around. After these albums, – (Mezmerize and Hypnotize) – I’m gonna go off to learn how to brain and do something on my own, just like Serj. And no, System of a Down is not breaking up. We’re just gonna do like KISS and put out our own solo records.”

Following System’s hiatus, Malakian announced his latest project  Scars on Broadway  a band which would include System of a Down bassist, Shavo Odadjian, and himself. Ultimately, Odadjian was not involved with the band, and instead System drummer, John Dolmayan became a member.

The band’s website featured a countdown timer, counting down to 15:00 PST of March 28, 2008. Additionally, above the timer, in quotation marks was the phrase “They say it’s all about to end.” When the countdown ended, the song “They Say”, was made available on the site. The song is also available for listening on the band’s official MySpace page. It is no longer available as a free download.

Scars on Broadway played their first live show April 11, 2008 at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA. They have also confirmed to be playing with Metallica at KFMA Day 2008 in Tucson, AZ. On January 22, 2008 Scars on Broadway were announced to be performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 26, 2008. On May 17th of that year, the band also performed at the sixteenth annual KROQ Weenie Roast. Additional tour dates were announced on their official website on the 30th of May .

On May 2, 2008, Scars announced on their official website that their debut album, Scars on Broadway, would be released on the 28th and 29th of July.

Starting from May 28, 2008, “They Say” is available for purchase at iTunes Music store. On July 20, 2008, “They Say” was featured as iTunes’ Free Single of the Week. On June 20 Scars on Broadway released a teaser for their single “They Say” on a MySpace bulletin. In the teaser, the video is said to premiere soon.

“They Say” was also included in the end of 2008 Kerrang! compilation album, amongst other popular and new rock music by various artists.

The video for their first single “They Say” premiered on Yahoo’s music page on June 27. The song “Chemicals” was made available to listen to on the band’s MySpace page on July 8.

On July 25, it was announced that “They Say” would be a downloadable track for the video game Rock Band on July 29 for Xbox 360 and July 31 for PS3. “They Say” will also appear on Guitar Hero 5

On July 28 2008, Scars On Broadway was released to critical acclaim, with Kerrang! giving it a rare ‘5 K’ rating.

Also on July 28, Scars on Broadway played a record release show at the Union Station in Los Angeles.

Possible break-up and USO tour (20082009)

In late 2008, Malakian announced via the band’s website that their headlining tour to promote the album’s release, which included an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, would be cancelled with no plans of rescheduling. Malakian cited his lack of enthusiasm and “his heart not being into touring” as the chief reasons behind the cancellation.

Although no official confirmation has been released, interviews with both bassist Dominic Cifarelli and drummer John Dolmayan, have confirmed that the band is finished.

However, in May 2009 when asked if the band would ever record or perform again, drummer John Dolmayan stated: “I not sure, but I do miss it.”

In June 2009, Perez announced via his official myspace that he was in the studio collaberating with Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner. To date they have released three song for free via the Franky Perez official website under the pseudonym of DKFXP, a combination of the initials of Franky and Kushner.

In August 2009, Dolmayan, Perez, Shamoun, and Cifarelli as Scars on Broadway traveled to Iraq for a USO tour across the U.S. army bases. Their setlist consisted of covers well as a few Scars songs. Perez stated on his Twitter that “the Scars tunes sound amazing but they’re not the same without D…” He also stated before they left that Malakian had given them his blessing.[citation needed]

In October, Franky stated on his twitter account that him and bandmate John Dolmayan were jamming with Weezer bassist Scott Shriner and Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner, who Perez had been working with before.

Musical style

From its early days, Daron Malakian always addressed the project as just rock, and “a lot more rock driven, although there will be some metal influences in the System of a Down style”. On what direction the debut album would take, Malakian states: “It will probably be something electronic mixed in with traditional Armenian and thrash, death, black, and doom metal influences. When the music comes out, it will still be structured, just like System of a Down’s music is.” In a later interview, Malakian stated that the music would be influenced by classic rock acts such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Neil Young, and Roxy Music. He also stated that he shifted his songwriting from System of a Down’s frazzled metal to more song-based work, inspired by Neil Young and David Bowie. “I don’t feel we’re the mosh-pit band,” says Malakian. “That’s just where I’m comfortable as a writer right now,” he said, hinting at the band’s rock over metal music approach.

Band members

1st incarnation (2003)

Casey Chaos  vocals

Daron Malakian  lead guitar

Zach Hill  drums

Greg Kelso  rhythm guitar

2nd incarnation (20062009)

Daron Malakian  vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, organ, mellotron1

John Dolmayan  drums, percussion

Franky Perez  rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Danny Shamoun  keyboards, percussion

Dominic Cifarelli  bass

1 Instruments listed are for the album; live, Malakian is only the lead vocalist and lead guitarist.

USO tour (2009)

Franky Perez  guitar, vocals

John Dolmayan  drums, percussion

Danny Shamoun  keyboards, percussion

Dominic Cifarelli  bass


Studio albums


Album details

Peak chart positions


(sales thresholds)













Scars on Broadway

Released: July 29, 2008

Label: Interscope

Format: CD, CD/DVD, LP, digital download












“” denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.


2003: Ghetto Blaster Rehearsals




Peak chart positions














“They Say”








Scars on Broadway

“World Long Gone”








“” denotes a release that did not chart

Music videos





“They Say”

Paul Minor

“World Long Gone”

Joel Schumacher


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Video-interview with Daron from Scars On Broadway, recorded in Amsterdam, early 2008

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Interview with John Dolmayan from Culturedeluxe Magazine

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Scars on Broadway

Daron Malakian  John Dolmayan  Franky Perez  Danny Shamoun  Dominic Cifarelli

Casey Chaos  Zach Hill  Greg Kelso

Studio albums

Scars on Broadway


Ghetto Blaster Rehearsals


“They Say”  “World Long Gone”

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